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The BEAVER Wrench  Range

New tools specifically designed and developed for 
 plumbing compression joints 

  I have designed these tools because of my dissatisfaction with the crude            and clumsy devices that are generally available.  They have been developed 
  for over a year, during which time I have added  features and refined the

  The Mark 1 was the result of the eighth prototype.  

Whether you are an experienced professional or a new D.I.Y.  person you will find these simple, elegant tools invaluable.

Mark 3 !!

Beaver Range

Testimonials for the MARK 2


A great tool that will fit where most spanners don't

Great wee tools, a genius invention!

Fantastic idea. Used this this morning very happy. 

Brilliant device. At last a plumbing wrench that fits the nuts snugly. 

Excellent product that is worth it's weight in gold.

  Awesome tools, don't know how I coped so long without them.

 Brilliant. Exactly as described, does what it says on the box.  

  Many thanks for a GEM of a tool 

    Great item, given the cost, who wouldn't have them in their tool box.

    Fantastic little tool. A+++++++ 

Best tool in my bag!

          I just wanted to say what an excellent tool!!!! Easy to handle as it is the right size
                                             .... not too big or small. Superb.
I have used the beaver 15 and 22 a few times now, find them great little tools.

   Dear 'Corick'

 I've been a plumber for 30 yrs on site work and now maintenance for past 5yrs.

  This week I put my “beavers” to work. I've got to tell you they are perfect for tight    position fittings, loft work, stopcocks and all compression fittings!

   I've ordered a couple of sets as I hate losing tools, as I know I'd already be lost  without them!

Paul the Plumber

We asked plumbers what they thought of our spanners

and they told us what to do with them! 

A British Gas engineer suggested a “flat” as a “hammer” for RTV valve stems. (They sometimes stick.) - Now incorporated in both 15 & 22 spanners.

A 6 mm drain valve key to be incorporated at the end of the handle. 2.5 mm, for valves stems on the 15 spanner. Both are set at 22.5 degrees, so they can be turned over for access.

An anti corrosion coating. Every spanner is “passivated”. An electro-chemical process that forms an corrosion resistant skin on the steel.


These modifications (and more) have been incorporated in the Mark 3!


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